Kokedama Workshop and DIY

A few weeks ago I hosted a class at the beautiful Work/Shop on how to make your own hanging kokedama. Kokedama is the art of wrapping a plant's root in moss to bring the expensive and time-consuming art of bonsai into the home. It's a simple and fun project that can transform a space in your home or office that may be too small for big potted plants.

I love how, whenever you're working on any kind of floral or plant project, even if everyone's materials and instructions are the same you all come out with something uniquely personal and this day was no exception. Each student picked her own plants - some ended up with hanging kokedama and some took their moss balls home to rest on plates or in bowls on their windowsills. They were all different and beautiful.

For the full DIY, visit my guest post over on Clementine Daily. To learn in person, come join me as I host this class again at Work/Shop later this month!

NOTE: This DIY was also featured in Camille Styles Weekend Notes!

Photography: Hazzel Swenson; Venue: Work/Shop